Visitors Start Here!

Welcome from the Evangelism Committee

We are glad you have expressed an interest in getting to know us better—we would most certainly like to become better acquainted with you.

The Evangelism Committee is a special group of Faith members whowould like to assist you here at Faith. We have many resources to suit the needs of everyone who comes to Faith Presbyterian. We offer several classes and programs to help educate new or considering believers; we have informative and interesting Sunday School classes for those who are familiar with the common tenants of Christianity but who may desire to grow more in their faith and understanding, and we also have home-group Bible studies for those who wish to cultivate faith and fellowship in a less formal atmosphere. Wherever you are in your walk, we welcome you and we hope you will browse through our website, perhaps visit our Facebook page, and most of all, that you will come and see who we are and let us get to know you better. If you have questions that perhaps are not answered on our website, or you would like to talk to a member of the Evangelism Committee, please call the church office.

If you are visiting us from another Presbyterian Church and would like to join Faith Presbyterian, please contact our Pastor, Paul Copeland at or call our church office at: 765.743.3683

If you are visiting us from a non-Presbyterian Church, we welcome and invite you to visit us in worship on Sunday morning. We offer customized classes for those who may not be familiar with the Presbyterian Church to meet you where you are in your walk with Christ. Please contact our Pastor, Paul Copeland for more information.

God bless you and yours.