VBS 2018

Watercolor painting by E. J. Kirsch

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Join us as we follow Bible heroes as they journey West!

Every day our kids will learn about a hero of the faith as they make epic journeys into the West.

Our daily schedule:

Monday - Abraham's Wagon Train Adventure
Tuesday - Joshua and the Wild West Town
Wednesday - Elijah and High Noon at Mt. Carmel
Thursday - Jesus - The Sheriff Comes to Town
Friday - Paul - The Adventure Continues

Register on the day of the event or print the form from the link on the side and drop it off ahead of time.


VBS REGISTRATION FORM  - 2018 Please Complete the Form Below and Click the Submit Button to Email it. When you submit it, if an approval box pops up, simply click approve. If for some reason the form below doesn't work on your computer, you may download the form at the link at the bottom of the page.



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for the above name child to attend Faith Presbyterian Church's Vacation Bible School from 9:00 A.M. until Noon, Monday thru Friday, June 11th thru June 15th, 2018. I shall not hold this church or their staff responsible for any injury that might occur during this time: I agreethat my child may receive care in the case ofv an injuryaccording to the policy of Faith Presbyterian Churchthat might occur during this time SIGN HERE TO AGREE BY TYPING YOUR NAME:.





Safety of all children participating in one of our ministries is our priority. In the event that a child or youth is injured while under our care, the following steps should be followed:/p> >

1. For minor injuries, scrapes, and bruises, workers will provide First Aid (Band-Aids, etc.) as appropriate and will notify the child’s parent or guardian of the injury at the time the child is picked up from our care./pp

2. For injuries requiring medical treatment beyond simple First Aid, the parent and/or guardian will immediately be summoned in addition to the worker’s supervisor. If warranted by circumstances, an ambulance will be called./

3. Once the child has received appropriate medical attention, an incident report will be completed in the case of injuries requiring treatment by a medical professional


I give my permission (Write YES or NO in the box) for Faith Presbyterian Church to include any pictures of the child named above taken at the Faith Presbyterian Church Vacation Bible School--to be used in any articles or photo displays published by the church--incuding on the church's website:

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Transportation Pick-up each day/p> .p One of the parents or guardians listed above will pick up our child from the church each day or list others who are authorized to pick up our child. Electronic Signature (By typing my name in the box that follows, I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the child named above (TYPE YOUR NAME) 




When you hit the "Submit" button, it should take you to your email page where you will see all of your responses. Simply click on your email send button to send the completed email to the church.  If you wish, you may change the Subject Line of the email to indicate your child's name for VBS registration.

in some cases(especially if you do your email directly from a web site like Yahoo or Gmail, you will have trouble submitting the form above from the submit button because it won't open an email program.  If you have that problem you can print the form by printing this page by selecting "print" from your browser menu.  After you complete the printed form, you can simply mail it to:

Faith Presbyterian Church

3318 State Road 26 West,

West Lafayette, IN 47906

OR, you could scan the completed form , save it on your computer and send it as an email attachment to:  Office@faithpresbyterian,org.  Questions?  you may call the church office at 765-743-3683