Dec 24, 2017

“Mission Accomplished” Christmas Eve 2017

Christmas Eve, 2017

I suppose that if any of us were asked why we were here tonight we would say that we are here to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  But that would be a very simple summary of very complex subject.
We might begin to see the complexity of the subject if we think about the scripture verses that were read this evening.  We started with a passage from Genesis, the one describing the fall of humanity into sin.  At the end of that passage there is a declaration of God to the serpent, which represents Satan, that a son or descendant of the woman would crush his head.  That early on God planned to have victory over Satan through the work of a son of a woman.
In the passage from Isaiah 9 it was proclaimed that one was coming who would rule over the kingdom of David who would be a wonderful counselor, a mighty God, an everlasting Father, and a prince of peace who would rule over endless peace and establish justice and righteousness.
In the passage from John 1 we read of one who was with the Father from the beginning and had now become flesh.  It is also written in that passage that the one who came from God, although he was rejected by most, he gave to those who believed in him the power to become Children of God.
In the passages from Luke we read about the announcement of the coming of Jesus to Mary, and then the account of the birth of Jesus, complete with the Angel’s proclamation that his coming would bring glory to God and Peace on Earth.
And, in a few moments, I will read, as part of the Lord’s Supper, the words of Jesus where he told his apostles that the bread and wine of that meal were symbols of his body broken and his blood spilled, that they were symbols of his death.
So, at first glance, the scriptures and the order of our worship might seem to be all about the birth and death of Jesus.
But It is much more than that.  The birth of Jesus was the beginning of another stage of the eternal Son of God.
When Jesus was born, the eternal became human, in order to take on his greatest mission.  He became human in order to be our savior, to save us from the eternal death we deserve as sinners.
After Jesus was born, he grew up, he taught for three years about God and what God desires for us.  He did miracles to demonstrate his divinity, his power, and his love. And then He died on the cross so the Father could forgive us and grant us eternal life.
So in this service this evening we are not just remembering the beginning and the end of the life of a man named Jesus.  We are honoring the eternal son of God who became Jesus and died to save us.  We are here to celebrate the fact that the mission given to the son of God in Jesus has been accomplished.  He has overcome sin and death for us, and as he rose from the dead, so shall we.

Pastor David Horner
Faith Presbyterian Church
West Lafayette, IN 47906