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Faith Presbyterian Historical Perspective

• In the spring of 1964 Rev Ken Edelman started working the West Lafayette Community to gather individuals interested in forming a new church to serve the growing area west of West Lafayette.
• His work was sponsored under the National Missions Committee of the Crawfordsville Presbytery, Synod of Indiana, United Presbyterian Church in the USA, as a new church development project.
• The Presbyterian Extension, Synod of Indiana, Inc. purchased five acres of farm land on State Road 26 West of West Lafayette, IN from George and Gertrude Hiser on April 6, 1964 for the sum of $17,000, as well as provided a loan of $20,000 to assist the new congregation in remodeling a Quonset hut formerly used for grain storage and as a barn on the property.  All work was done by the people of the growing congregation.  A manse was also purchased in the Green Meadows subdivision nearby.
• The first worship service was held on December 20, 1964 in the old, dirt floored Quonset hut that was on the five acres of property purchased for the location of the new church.
• Several individuals and churches donated items of furniture, materials, bibles, etc. to assist the new church.
• On May 14, 1967 the congregation was officially recognized by the United Presbytery Church in the USA with 75 charter members. According to a scrap book record, Central Presbyterian Church of Lafayette sent flowers for the organizational service.
• On September 5, 1967 the congregation voted to call Rev. Ken Edelman as their Pastor at a salary of $6,300 per year plus $600 for car allowance.
• Faith Presbyterian Church, Inc. was incorporated with the State of Indiana as a non-profit domestic corporation on September 5, 1969.
• In the fall of 1971, Rev. Edelman received a call to a church in Illinois. At that time Faith Presbyterian Church had 104 members and seriously considered closing. But the congregation decided to go on even without a Pastor.
• On May 7, 1972 Rev. “Scoti” Old accepted the call to be the Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church.
• In 1973, the Crawfordsville Presbytery was asked by the congregation to appoint a task force to evaluate the potential for Faith Presbyterian Church. The task force was populated by Pastors and Elders of local congregations.
• On January 19, 1975 the task force reported that Faith Presbyterian Church had a unique ministry, should be continued and should be supported by the Presbytery and local churches as a mission project. Several local congregations provided mission families to work with and support the members of Faith Presbyterian Church for the next three years.
• Covenant Presbyterian Church and Central Presbyterian Church provided mission families and supported the development of the church for up to three years.
• On October 22, 1977 the Synod of United Presbyterian USA approved two loans toward the building of a new Sanctuary Building for Faith Presbyterian Church-.  The Faith Presbyterian Church also secured a loan from Lafayette National Bank. All loans plus interest were repaid by the members of the Faith Presbyterian Church.
• On November 22, 1977 the Risse Builders was given a construction contract to build the Sanctuary building.  Ground was broken on a snowy Sunday morning of 4 December 1977.
• The new building was dedicated on November 5, 1978.
• In 1980 the Presbytery Task Force declared that Faith Presbyterian Church had matured and had the resources and the potential to become a self-supporting congregation.
• The merger of United Presbyterian Church in USA (Northern Presbyterians) and Presbyterian Church of US (Southern Presbyterians) into the Presbyterian Church (USA) took place in 1983.
• Rev. “Scoti” Old resigned as Pastor effective June 8, 1985.  Rev. John McCrite served as interim Pastor.
• On November 24, 1985 the congregation at Faith Presbyterian Church dedicated the addition of the Fellowship Hall and Educational Wing to the Church facilities.
• The manse was sold on December 30,1986.
• Rev. Stuart D. Robertson became the congregation’s third pastor on August 1, 1986. Rev. Robertson retired effective the end of June 2007 and assumed a teaching career in Religious Studies at Purdue University.  Rev Ron Green served interim Pastor for one year.
• Rev. David Horner was called to become the Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church and began as Pastor on June 15, 2008.
• After long deliberations and study the Faith Presbyterian Church congregation voted unanimously to disaffiliate with the Presbyterian Church (USA) effective March 25, 2012.
• On April 22, 2012 the congregation voted unanimously to affiliate with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination and it’s Midwest Presbytery.